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Manny The Martyr June 27, 2014 Trees Dallas, TX Photos by Fabien Castro

Manny The Martyr
June 27, 2014
Dallas, TX

Photos by Fabien Castro

Manny the Martyr is an original 5 piece rock/alternative band from Dallas, TX. The band has become known for their incredibly energetic live shows and their fusion of rock/alternative with reggae, punk, ska, funk and metal.

Manny the Martyr originally formed in late 2011 to be a cover band by Mikey Ubben (Fireal, Cultura,The Effinays) on lead guitar, Jayson Vaughn (Mad Maurice, Cultura) on bass... See More
Manny The Martyr is an explosive alternative band fusing reggae, punk, ska, funk and metal!

Manny The Martyr puts on incredibly energetic live shows with amazing stage presence! It's always a party when MtM plays; they also get the joint jumping! You've got to come see Manny the Martyr for yourself!

Manny the Martyr's debut full length album, "Brighter Sun" was released Jan 2014 and is available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon MP3 and every online store!

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Manny The Martyr
June 27, 2014
Dallas, TX

By Fabien Castro

Manny the Martyr - Hit The Brink (Exclusive) (Official Video)

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