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If at any time you are being contacted by a JAM Magazine representative, writer or photographer that is NOT on our staff list, please do not hesitate and contact the Editor! Thank You.

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JAM Magazine offers ad space at below competitors prices.

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Run your banner or logo on key JAM pages. We are now offering advertisers and musicians the option to place budget ads on highlighted pages.

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JAM Magazine is looking for talented writers to join JAM Magazine as contributors. If you have an interest in new music and concert review, please contact us today.

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JAM Magazine is looking for concert fan footage. Let us promo your video on the JAM Magazine YouTube Channel. Find out more

Working Media and Public Relation Firms

JAM Magazine is on the move with staff represented in many major markets across the USA and several countries aboard. We look forward to work with all publicist and band management to promote and provide coverage on the artist you represent.