JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

September 12, 2012
Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood
Atlanta, GA USA
Review by Andy Laudano
Photos by Andy Laudano


Tear Down the House

One of the biggest highlights of this year's Rockstar Uproar festival tour was Fozzy. Led by frontman Chris Jericho (of WWE fame) and Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward, the band received a hero's welcome in Ward's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Even though it was only 4:00 PM, the largest crowd of the day to that point, gathered in front of the Jaggermeister stage and began chanting the band's name. Like clockwork, Fozzy started as advertised at 4:20 and proceeded to tear the house down.

Jericho commanded the stage with the same energy, enthusiasm and charisma that has served him well in a wrestling ring. His vocals were spot on and he did everything he could to fire up the already very excited crowd.

The rest of the band held their own and kept up with him. Ward was perpetual motion, running all over the stage, leaping in the air and at one point jumping off the stage and into the arms of the front row without ever missing a lick. Bassist Paul Di Leo (who also played with Ward in Adrenaline Mob), guitarist Billy Grey and drummer Frank Fontsere kept a blistering pace through Fozzy's all too short six-song set.

With only about a half hour to play, the band's setlist consisted of four songs from their latest, Sin and Bones, including "Sandpaper," "Blood Happens," "Spider In My Mouth" and the title track. "God Pounds His Nails" from Fozzy's previous release, Chasing the Grail and their biggest hit to date, "Enemy" from All That Remains, concluded their day.

After the performance, Fozzy headed over to the Rockstar Energy tent to sign CDs and posters for their hundreds of happy fans that had gathered to greet them first-hand.