JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

April 16, 2014
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Fabien Castro

Puddle of Mudd

Is It Live.... Or Is It Memorex?

The SOLD OUT Puddle of Mudd show that was held at Trees in Deep Ellum has turned out to be the years most disappointing show to date, and it's only mid April. Packed to the back and wall to wall, the anticipated show brought a diverse set of fans, young and old, to see POM perform their new and old hits, but most were let down by the Lip-Sync performance by singer Wes Scantlin. Yes, you read that correctly, Lip Sync!

At first, I thought the band had a strong and very tight sound. Watching them from the rear of the venue, they sounded crystal clear. Drummer Dave Moreno and bassist Michael (Anthony) Grajewski came out pounding the rhythm section and guitarist Matt Fuller worked up the lead and backing vocals to perfection, too good it seemed. I was quite impressed until I began seeing and hearing some fans booing and even flipping the singer off from song to song.

Standing by the back bar, I could not clearly make out what was going. After five songs or so, Wes became more hesitant on stage and seem somewhat confused, cursing and making stupid jokes that made no sense. At one time I heard him say "we are Puddle of we're outta here".... I seriously thought the show was over! Later he yelled at one particular fan "there ain't no Milli Vanilli....guess what bro you suck!" Well, it did not take long before bottles started flying from the audience onto the stage from those who were not pleased by Mr. Scatlin's uncaring performance. I realize this is rock and roll, but don't act like a asshole on stage, be little some fans and think no one is going to react against you. This is Texas motherfucker and many of us don't play that shit!

The band continued their set but at this point many began to leave the venue in high numbers. Some were asking for their money back, yelling "this is Bullshit, I want a refund." I even saw a few fans yelling at the sound guy by the back booth, flipping him off as if it was his fault. Things were getting ugly fast, to the point of actual chaos breaking out in the audience from a handful of people, drunken people at that! Luckily everyone kept their cool, except for a few bottles that were thrown.

Between the songs delays, the "fuck you's" from Wes who many thought he was either wasted on booze or drugged up, the packed house slowly began to thin out, so much that I was able to scoot up front for what would be their finally two songs. At this point, there were so many bottles being thrown on stage that Wes began to throw many of them back into the crowd, one of which hit JAM photographer in the head. Oh the hazards of being a rock photographer can take its toll. The band ended the show with one of their biggest commercial hits from their 2001 album Come Clean, "She Hates Me" where singer Wes sang the entire song sitting on the barricade, in the crowd, allowing some of the hard-core fans to sing along.

They say the show must go on, but I cannot help but think many of the fans were cheated this night as they received a half ass performance from the Kansas City rock band. Even with the obvious lip-synching, many of the true fans didn't care and remained to the end. Puddle Of Mudd may have lost some of their Dallas base this evening, and if they do return this summer, they better bring their full game or don't come at all!