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October 23, 2014
Gas Monkey Live!
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Mike DiQuinzio
Photos by Mike DiQuinzio


GWAR! Spreading The Love All Over Dallas!

GWAR!!! That’s all you have to say: GWAR. No other word apart from "SLAYER!" elicits such a rabid response from metalheads of every generation who like their entertainment with just a dash of mass murder. Such was the case last night at the new Gas Monkey Live! venue in Dallas, Texas as scumdogs young and old braved the ebola scare to not only worship at the feet of the intergalactic saviors of metal themselves, but to pay final tribute to their fallen captain, the legendary Oderus Urungus.

The concept of the GWAR Eternal Tour is simple: Oderus isn’t actually dead. Instead, he’s returned to outer space and the rest of the band is searching for him through the use of their time machine. Throughout their journey, they encounter many new life forms, including the Berserker Blóthar and the well-endowed and lactatious Vulvatron, who fight to become the new GWAR frontman by leading the band through some of their best-loved songs. There is much bloodshed on this journey, and although Oderus manages to sing opener "Fly Now" via a magic mirror, in the end he is laid to rest. The rest of GWAR pays tribute to him with "The Road Behind" before ending the show with covers of "People Who Died" (also dedicated to fellow fallen scumdog, Flattus Maximus) and, for some reason, the Pet Shop Boys’ "West End Girls." In a strange sort of way, it was all actually very moving.

There is no band like GWAR, and no other band will ever come close to delivering the kind of experience that you can only get from one of their shows. This tour continues the GWAR legacy very admirably, but having experienced GWAR several times over the last 20 years, the absence of Oderus Urungus hung heavy in the room among those of us who had the pleasure of seeing him in action. That is not a strike against the band; I think I speak for everyone when I say that I am glad GWAR decided to carry on because none of us want to see this end. It is, however, a testament to the larger-than-life charisma that the late Dave Brockie brought to his alter-ego and his ability to convey it from behind a mask. Without him, the show is an undeniably different experience than it was before, but still one that deserves to be seen.

The bottom line is this: go see GWAR. Continue to support this band because if they cease to exist, then the terrorists win.

Fly Now
Madness at the Core of Time
Hail, Genocide!
The Years Without Light
The Private Pain of Sawborg Destructo
Saddam a Go-Go
I, Bonesnapper
Metal Metal Land
Black and Huge
Hate Love Songs
Mr. Perfect
Horror of Yig
U Ain't Shit
Let Us Slay
The Road Behind
West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys cover)
People Who Died (The Jim Carroll Band cover)

Southside Ballroom