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January 18, 2015
House of Blues - Houston
Houston, TX USA
Review by Michael Victorick
Photos by Michael Victorick

Nothing More

San Antonio Metal Nothing More Brings It To The House of Blues

Just 4 short years ago, at The Scout Bar in Houston, a Texas-based band came onstage and set up the crowd for the rest of the night. They jumped around as much as the small stage allowed and the bassist and singer beat on a bass guitar as if it were percussion. This was Nothing More, a San Antonio, TX based band that has slowly but surely ascended the mountain of rock. After releasing their self-titled debut in 2014, Nothing More joined djent metallers Periphery for a 2015 tour of the US that brought them to Dallas' House of Blues in mid-January. 

As previously mentioned, this band's use of unique means of percussion is one of the things that sets them apart, making sure that everyone remembers them far into the headliner's set. To catch any of these guys in a freeze frame is just not possible as they crossed from one side of the stage to the other while playing their staccato riffs. The light show was a bit stark and almost nonexistent, minus a spot here and there. Nonetheless, singer Jonny Hawkins still found ways to stretch his body clear across the pit and sing to the faces in the crowd. 

Even with all the movement and excitement going on, the rhythm section kept perfect time with songs like "This is the Time (Ballast)” and "Mr. MTV." The guys in Nothing More made sure that the songs were clean and very "CD quality”, like the crowd would want, only a bit louder. As they continue on the Juggernaut tour with Periphery, their star continues to rise. If you are a rock lover and you want to witness the journey that they started over a decade ago, make sure you catch them at the stop closest to you, but it would be wise to first check out their debut CD, which is available everywhere.