JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

February 7, 2015
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Brooke Adams
Photos by Brooke Adams

Jukebox the Ghost

Getting' Weird With Jukebox The Ghost

Jukebox the Ghost played an unbelievable show to a full floor crowd at Trees on Thursday, their biggest headline in Dallas to date. With the release of their self-titled fourth album in 2014, Jukebox the Ghost is headlining a tour in mid-level venues across the nation. The band was joined by Brooklyn natives Secret Someones and Little Daylight, who was playing their first show of the tour in Dallas.

The night started with an intense set from Secret Someones, bringing all the girl power and funk rock you'd expect of a Brooklyn based (mostly) girl band. Everything about this band just screams badass. Their rock sounds mixed with their grunge appearance was a total juxtaposition to the quiet and melodic voices they spoke with in between songs.

Next on stage was Little Daylight, who had several very dedicated fans in the audience, one of which made them a hand-painted poster of their silhouettes. The band took time to talk with the audience and their energy onstage reflected how excited they were for their first show of the tour. The band's electronic sound was a great segue between the rock style of Secret Someones and the quirkiness of Jukebox the Ghost. The indie pop band released two albums in 2014 and is sure to continue on the path to a larger audience; even those who didn't come specifically for Little Daylight, left the crowd to meet them before Jukebox the Ghost's set.

Jukebox the Ghost is the type of band that walks on stage and commands the absolute attention of their audience. The band's diverse sound was mirrored by their audience, with a crowd ranging from teenaged boys to middle-aged couples. The band's pianist and vocalist Ben Thronewill does a tremendous job of keeping the audience engaged, describing the complete lack of sense of humor displayed by the Fox 4 News anchor they encountered that morning and discussing the use of the popular slang "yas" which in turn caused the audience to yell it repeatedly the rest of the night. Ben's response to the yells and cheers coming from the crowd all night was: "Texas you're fuckin' weird." Their upbeat music kept the audience thirsty for more all night, topping it off by bringing out Secret Somones to end the night with a cover of the classic Bangles song, Walk Like an Egyptian.

Southside Ballroom