JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

July 18, 2015
Frontier City
Oklahoma City, OK USA
Review by Jenifer Reed
Photos by Freddy Salazar

Joan Jett

Rock N' Roll's Bad Girl Retuns!

The legendary Joan Jett along with her Blackhearts performed in Oklahoma City, OK on July 18 1, 2015 to the animated audience filling the amphitheater at Frontier City Theme Park.

Cranking out "Bad Reputation" as the opener, she quickly switched gears to her Runaway days and ticked off into Cherry Bomb. She then asked the crowd if they were ready to "get sweaty." A roaring yes signaled "Do You Wanna Touch Me." "TMI" followed, but then it was time to get serious.

Jett began to speak about the destruction and devastation Hurricane Sandy created. She was humbled at how her New York community, along with the nation came together to rebuild. So humbled, she put her thoughts into a song. Thus, "Make it Back" was born, and performed with genuine emotion. Continuing with her song writing antidotes, she began the intro into the first she wrote for The Runaways, "You Drive Me Wild." Keeping in the sensual mode, she went further.

Explaining the beauty of love, she expressed "love between 2 people is a beautiful thing. 3 can be a beautiful thing, especially if one of those is me!" With an eruption of applause in approval she trucked along into "Any Weather" followed by classics and crowd favorites, "I Love Rock n Roll," and "Crimson and Clover." Thanking the crowd for a great night, she blasted into "I Hate Myself for Loving You." But there was more to come.

Returning only moments after leaving the stage, the band ripped into "Different." After a brief introduction of The Blackhearts, she dove into The Johnny O’Keefe and the Dee Jays cover of "Real Wild Child." Performing it to perfection, the crowd responded with an extended thunderous response. Wrapping up her set with "Everyday People," Joan Jett has proven that she is just as relevant in today’s music as she was when she graced the music scene in 1975. She is the epitome of musical longevity.