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August 21, 2015
Gas Monkey Live!
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Jeff Groves
Photos by Jeff Groves

Quiet Riot

Quiet Riot Still Bring Tha Noize After All Theez Yeerz

A warm Friday evening in Dallas brings back the return of Headbanging Legends, Quiet Riot to perform at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, Texas. At the top of their game in the early 80's with the Billboard topping album Metal Health and hit singles "Cum On Feel the Noise" and "Metal Health," Quiet Riot remains alive today with a fan base of metal heads who still enjoy the music.

QUIET RIOT "Run For Cover" "Bang Your Head" Gas Monkey Live Dallas, TX 2015

The crowd, mostly 30's 40's and 50's with a few younger kids in attendance was quite standard, considering the bands age. They kick'd off the show with the adrenaline pumped "Run For Cover" then going right into "Slick Black Cadillac." With the majority of the set list sticking closely to the first two records and a whopping seven of the ten songs from Metal Health being played, followed by four songs from the follow up album Condition Critical, was a definite crowed pleaser.

Jizzy Pearl's original vocals is one that I personally like but one that is not for the norm. You can tell he is a REAL ROCK N' ROLLER. A bit on the sleazy side too... been there done that... Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll at first glance. Leather vest wearing, tattooed, hasn't showered today kinda guy. Came on strong on "Love's A Bitch" and "Condition Critical." He really made those songs his own and lets face it, Quiet Riot songs are not easy songs to sing. Q.R founding member, drummer Frankie Banali, was also in good form, entertaining to watch and always SOLID... a master of the Fist Pumping Rock Beats 101... his style speak for itself.

Playing on multi platinum records with Quiet Riot and a few records with fellow L.A. band W.A.S.P., I spoke with Frankie after the show who informed me that he and W.A.S.P. front man Blackie Lawless have been friends for over forty years. Quiet Riot today, with guitarist Alex Grossi, and bass player Chuck Wright who will probably never get the credit they deserve, even up front, still taking the back seat in the band. Coincidentally, it was Chuck Wright and not Rudy Sarzo who played bass on the song "Metal Health" (Bang Your Head) and "Don't Want To Let You Go." But as Rudy's picture is on the back cover, it was he who got the credit. The energy stayed high throughout the entire QR set, with a somber moment of silence for Kevin DuBrow and Randy Rhoads before "Thunderbird." Very touching, but it was stedy noize after that.

Great Band, Great Songs, Great Guys working over time to do the touring rock band thing, you have to admire that. The only two complaints about that show were; I wish they would have played more tracks from the later albums. Tracks from Terrified, Guilty Pleasures or Down To The Bone, would have been a welcome surprise to hear and not so predictable. The song "It Sucks To Be You" from Rehab, was the lone song among all the fan favorites. My second complaint, and I have no idea the reason behind it, they had ZERO merchandise. NONE! No shirts, No nothing. No merch table at all! I forgot to ask Frankie after the show about this. Hopefully this was just a mix up.

Set List
Run For Cover
Slick Black Cadillac
Mama Weer All Crazee Now
Sign Of The Times
Love's A Bitch
Condition Critical
Put Up Or Shut Up
Party All Night
It Sucks To Be You
The Wild And The Young
Let's Get Crazy
Guitar Solo
Cum On Feel The Noize
Metal Health (Bang Your Head)