JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

December 4, 2015
Myth Night Club
Saint Paul, MN USA
Review by Jeff Mozey
Photos by Jeff Mozey

Steel Panther

The Panther Roars In The Heart Of The City

From Los Angeles California with their tight spandex, teased hair, and in your face guitar solos, Steel Panther was here to heat up a cold Minnesota winter's night. It was a packed house at The Myth in St. Paul, Minnesota last Friday. I could barely see the floor through the sea of people waiting to watch the band. Many fans joined in on the eighties glam look with their huge hair, tight clothes, bandanas, anything and everything eighties. One man told me that he has never missed a Steel Panther show in Minnesota. He seemed quite excited and ready for the upcoming show.

As the members of Steel Panther took the stage, there was a thunderous roar from the crowd behind me. Singer Michael Starr raised his hands in the air as the band started to play the opening song "Eyes Of A Panther." The crowd became louder and everyone followed Starr's lead, all hands were in the air. Guitarist Satchel and bass player Lexxi Foxx performed synchronized kicks and jumps from behind Michael Starr for many of the first few songs. There definitely was never a dull moment.

Something was always happening on stage, if the band was not singing or joking about having sex with women (sometimes men as well), they were constantly interacting with the crowd. Michael Starr continually seemed to make the crowd feel involved on every song. Either he would point to fans and sing right at them, or have the whole audience sing back to him. This was very evident at the beginning of the song "Community Property." as Michael pointed the microphone to the crowd and had them sing all of the beginning lines to him. The enjoyment of the crowd was apparent from their enthusiastic and loud responses.

Another highlight for the devoted followers was the song, "The Stocking Song," around this time last year, the band released a holiday song. It is not a piece that they usually play on tour, but tonight we got to hear the song live. The song calls for Drummer Stix Zadinia to come off of the drum kit to play the kazoo and shake bells in to the microphone beside Lexxi Foxx.

Steel Panther is well known for their sexually charged banter as well as having girls dance on stage. During the song "17 Girls in a Row," Steel Panther had nineteen different women on stage to dance around, or to do as they pleased. The men in the room were definitely not complaining as several of the ladies flashed the crowd. This happened a few times during the bands set, there was a lot of grinding and air thrusting taking place. This continued until the bands last song of the set, "Death To All But Metal."

Steel panther have many years of experience playing shows; you have to respect the musicianship and showman skills that they bring to the stage. I was introduced to Steel Panther a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. No other band is taking it as far as Steel Panther. They don't hold back and never take themselves too seriously. I would highly recommend watching the band perform. It's a great time and you won't be disappointed.