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November 27, 2015
House of Blues - Houston
Houston, TX USA
Review by Michael Victorick
Photos by Michael Victorick

Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive Packs The Houston House Of Blues

Australia is a place of mystique to all of us people over the pond. They have amazing beaches, reefs, culture, and when you look at what they bring out musically, that's amazing too. From country to rock to metal, it's like the separation of continents just help to breed creativity. The Aussies I'm remarking about today happen to be Parkway Drive.

These melodic metal core musicians hale from Byron Bay, New South Wales and have been together for over a decade. Every album they release pushes the melody behind the brutish force they have in their metal. The newest album, IRE, is their 5th and doesn't do anything but show progression and it translates just as well live. This was the second time for me seeing them inside of the Houston, TX House of Blues. What made this time a bit more better was there was no broken bones or flu going around the band.

The band made sure to open with opening track off of "Ire", Destroyer. It's the perfect "epic" metal song that seems to blend all of their albums together and have you chanting from the beginning. The guys continued to mix over a decades worth of music covering new music and old favorites such as "Carrion," "Romance Is Dead," and ending the encore with "Home Is For The Heartless". They've never stood there and performed like you see in some bands. Parkway Drive made sure that we "worked off the 20lbs we gained over Thanksgiving."

If you need a metal show in your life and want something that is brutal but still has a melody in it take a moment to check out Parkway Drive. Next see if the IRE tour is coming through to a town by you. They released this album not too long ago so this is a metal show that everyone should check out. It has energy, melody, and a ton of crowd participation.