JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

April 30, 2016
The Criterion
Oklahoma City, OK USA
Review by Vernon L. Gowdy, III
Photos by Vernon L. Gowdy, III

Grace Potter

Grace Potter Is Total Entertainment

Grace Potter's 2016 Midnight Solo Tour made a stop Saturday, April30, 2016 at the new venue, The Criterion in Bricktown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Saturday and gave the fans nonstop music that was energy packed and entertaining, complete with rock, the blues, soul and pop!

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals from Vermont have been around since 2002, releasing four studio albums and have been quite successful as a concert act powered by Grace's strong vocals. Now with the release of Grace's solo album Midnight and her Midnight Solo Tour, Grace delivered with a mixture of styles and rhythms throughout the evening.

Grace's current band has been dubbed the "Magical Midnight Roadshow" and consists of Benny Yurco (longtime Nocturnals guitar player), Ben Alleman (keys/guitar), Tim Deaux (bass), Daiki Hirano (drums, percussion), Charlie Hall from The War on Drugs band on drums, Eliza Hardy Jones from the Buried Beds band on Keyboards and some members of the band Dr. Dog. The two drummers on stage, with the two keyboardists, the Hammond B-3 organ and as many as three guitarists at any time is quite impressive.

Opening the show, Grace paid tribute to Prince who recently passed away as the background voiceover began with, "Dearly Beloved".... "We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life". After the opening lines to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" were heard, Grace strutted on stage wearing black tight disco pants and a black shawl with reddish, orange-yellow fringes belting out her show-opening pop song "Hot to the Touch" off the solo album with opening lyrics, "Forgive me if I'm not myself tonight; my body's in a battle with my mind". Grace followed with the rock anthem "Ah Mary" that pleased the longtime fans of her work with the Nocturnals.

Belting out songs like "Empty Heart," "Your Girl" and "Biggest Fan" from her solo album to songs like "Never Go Back," "Look What We've Become," "Loneliest Soul," "Apologies," "Low Road" and "Nothing But The Water" fans were treated to a mixture of rock, funk, blues and pop watching Grace bouncing between the Flying V, the piano and her unconventional dance like moves ala Stevie Nicks/Tina Turner/Mick Jagger. Grace even during one song, gyrated and crawled around on stage and shedding her shoes.

Grace continued with a mixture of Nocturnal songs and her solo work, "Instigator," "The Divide," "Turntable," "Delirious" and closed her set with "The Lion The Beast The Beat" the title track from the 2012 album of the same name.

For the encore, Grace walked back on stage alone with an acoustic guitar and in a tribute to Prince played a version of "When Doves Cry" which the song then transcended into the power ballad "Stars" with the Magical Midnight Roadshow band again taking the stage. Grace's mixture of rhythms and styles was brought all home by the end of the show with her biggest hit single "Paris (Ooh La La)" with its heavy guitar riffs ala Lita Ford/Led Zeppelin.