JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

August 18, 2016
Gas Monkey Live!
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Joseph De Leon

Ace Frehley - Ace Frehley, Scorpion Child, SIMO

Ace Frehley Kicks Off 2nd Leg With Balls On Fire!

An exciting night at Gas Monkey Live as the former legendary KISS guitarist, Ace Frehley, returns to performance of the best shows of the summer! Kicking off the 2nd leg of the tour, Ace and his band of brothers, Richie Scarlet, Chris Wyse and Scot Coogan were fresh and on fire.

I want to first mention the two open acts, Scorpion Child from Austin, TX and SIMO out of Nashville, TN. Two different style rock bands but both did a fantastic job as warm up acts. Scorpion Child with their throwback classic 70s rock style had me and much of the crowd grooving. Straight forward rock and roll, these cats are definitely a band to catch live.

Simo, a tight little 3 piece have been on the road for quite sometime. Seasoned musicians with a hard edge, get up a go punch! From the start they came out blazing with a rough twangy style that caught most of the Ace Frehley fans by surprised. Finished their set with a classic Beatles number "With A Little Help From My Friends" ala Joe Cocker style!

So now we wait for the anticipation for Ace to hit the stage. With a long dragged out into, the audience waited patiently as the band emerged and kicked off with "Rip It Out" and then straight into "Toys" from his last CD release. Ace took a brief moment to greet the fans and was glad to be back in Dallas, acknowledging his last appearance at the Bomb Factory earlier this year. That led into "Rocket Ride" that got this party off once again!

Didn't take long to hear familiar hits from his KISS days as they played "Parasite" and "Love Gun" back to back giving Paul Stanley song credit as drummer Scot Coogan handled the vocals on that number. One of the highlights of the set was Thin Lizzy's "Emerald" as you can see and feel the enjoyment from Ace as they performed this classic!

I was really digging this show and I could not help to think WHY Ace Frehely is not playing with KISS? He was killing it and I just cannot imagine him not being part of the band he made famous. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley should really rethink what the fans really want! But you never know, an original KISS reunion is never to far away. Ace, who has been known, at times, to be a sloppy guitarist was on his game tonight! Almost to the point of me saying it was a perfect performance, and that is not an easy statement to spew.

As expected "New York Groove" and "Shock Me" were fan favs and of course the solo guitar where Ace brings out his signature smoking black Gibson Les Paul to wow the crowd! Always fun to see that! And to keep the coolness going, they kicked into "Gold Gin" another Kiss classic!

If you are a hard core Ace fan you know the night was close to the end. The song routine is not surprising as the band finished with two familiar numbers "Detroit Rock City" and "Deuce" that always leaves a smile on everyones face.

What can you say about Ace Frehely that has not been said, he is a Legend and HE knows it! Tonight was a fantastic performance by the Space Man and one that will go down as one of the best shows of the Summer!