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June 1, 2018
The Rail Club
Fort Worth, TX USA
Review by Tabetha Prince
Photos by 

Texas Hippie Coalition

Rollin’ With THC

It was one hell of a road trip to finish out the last three shows of the first leg of the Year of the Bull tour. I am truly honored to have been invited to tag along. What great memories to have meeting all of the bands and crews, venue personnel and everyone along the way.

Arriving at The Rail Club in Ft. Worth Texas on June 1st, my mind was geared up for a killer show. There’s nothing in the world like a hometown show. The energy, the fans, the music and the sheer essence of the feeling deep within your soul, this is F****** ROCK & ROLL!

THC had a great lineup of tour mates. Each band brought the fans something different to heighten their musical senses. No matter the genre of rock, this tour delivered a bit of everything that rock and metal could offer with visual stimulation as well.

Kicking it off each night was Granny 4 Barrel! Just from the band name alone, my first thought was WTH?  I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. However, after spectating Granny at the head of the band, I was certainly in for something different. No matter the gimmick, their sound combined with their energy was undeniably theatrical heavy metal and I am now a fan!

Rollin’ With THC by Tabetha Prince

Hailing all the way from the Bronx, New York with their progressive metal was Brand of Julez!
Their sound had me captivated from the onset. The modern, melodic rock anthems, passionately aggressive vocals combined with heavy guitars, blazing bass lines and demanding drum fills were delivered with a vengeance!

Rollin’ With THC by Tabetha Prince

Following the Brand of Julez set came Kobra and the Lotus! This powerhouse, female fronted band provided direct support for THC on this tour. I was an instant fan due to the fact that they indeed have Kobra heading the band with her veristic vocals. Their music speaks volumes to my soul. The coupled guitar and bass riffs were the off the damn chain! The overall musicianship of this band had a profound effect on my experience on this road trip. Always anxious to hear and see their performance each night. I’m rather addicted to their new release Prevail II!!

Rollin’ With THC by Tabetha Prince

Worhol hopped on the last two nights of this run with THC. They kicked of the show both nights at The Scout Bar in Houston and the final destination of Come and Take It Live in Austin Texas. Now folks, let me just say this, the classical influences encompassed by Ashley’s vocal Olympics is absolutely beyond belief! Again, I was completely stoked to see yet another female rock musician in the mix! I mean the whole 1 female musician to every 49 male musicians ratio is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. Just sayin’!

Rollin’ With THC by Tabetha Prince

Closing out each night of this tour was none other than Texas Hippie Coalition themselves!

Always testin’ positive, they brought their red dirt metal ways to every single city and every single fan. Adorning the fans with favorite hits such as “Pissed Off and Mad About It”, “Leavin’” and “El Diablo Rojo”, they also shed some light on some new tunes like “Moonshine” due to release in the very near future. Excited to hear more greatness out of THC! Not only are they killer musicians but they are “family”. THC is a close nit band that has a strong bond and a great deal of love and respect for their coalition. They are “bros” and their love for each other shows.

Rollin’ With THC by Tabetha Prince

My overall experience on the road was undeniably what most people dream of being able to do. I am beyond blessed and forever grateful in that regard! I applaud all musicians that tour via the road. It’s rough out there and takes one hell of a team to get the job done. Without a doubt each camp of the bands on this tour had their shit together and did it all seamlessly with a smile.

THANK YOU THC & Geoff McAlister for making a dream become a reality.

Ashley Worhol – Vocals/Piano (Composer)
Larry Worhol – Guitar/ Piano (Composer)
Craig Mainowski – Bass/Visual Artist
Marty Naul – Drums

Granny 4 Barrel
Granny – Vocals
The Butcher – Guitars
The Maestro – Fiddle
The Judge – Drums

Brand of Julez
Julez Zamora – Lead Vocals/Guitars
Brandon Zamora – Bass/Vocals
Frankie D’Esposito – Drums

Kobra and the Lotus
Kobra Paige – Vocals/Piano
Jasio Kulakowski – Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Ronnie Gutierrez – Guitar
Brad Kennedy – Bass
Lord Marcus Lee – Drums

Texas Hippie Coalition – THC
Big Dad Ritch – Vocals
Cord Pool – Guitar
Nevada Romo – Guitar
Timmy Braun – Drums
Larado Romo - Bass