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September 19, 2018
Granada Theater
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
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Buddy Guy

Legendary Blues Man Performs The Granada Theater

Legendary Blues Man Performs The Granada Theater by Kerry LangfordPart musician, part preacher, part comedian and part actor… but 100% Blues! The legendary Buddy Guy makes his 2018 Dallas Texas appearance at the famous Granada Theater, September 19th, 2018.

Performing to a solid packed house, Buddy Guy with his natural swagger and infectious smile walks on stage to an embracing crowd of young and wiser music fans and kicks into what seems to be his theme song, “Damn Right I Got The Blues” backed by his touring group Damn Right Blues Band!

One of the last living blues legends of the music age from the likes of; BB King, John Lee Hooker, Johnny, Winter and even Muddy Waters to name a few, Buddy at the ripe young age of 82 can still deliver a memorable performance with style and grace he is now known for. His story telling is GOLD and just as good as his guitar skills that goes side by side at all Buddy Guy’s concerts. And if you think Buddy holds anything back, think again because Political Correctness is NOT part of the show as he drops the ‘F’ Bomb freely and often, I lost count after 20.

One of the crowd favorites was “Hoochie Koochie Man” where Buddy’s charms the fans with a great story of past women and love life that has the audience in stitches with his mannerism and jokingly speak. You can feel his comfort on stage as he grips his Fender Stratocaster and makes it scream to be part of the story in the song. Greatness!

Touring and promoting his latest release The Blues Is Alive And Well” Buddy Guy performed several new numbers from that LP, one of which was “Nine Below Zero” written about a past lover and “Skin Deep” that had a great guitar solo and awesome crowd participation as well.

Legendary Blues Man Performs The Granada Theater by Kerry LangfordHe finished his set and invited Quinn Sullivan, a young new blues player on the scene who is on tour with Buddy as his opening act. Buddy told the story when he first met this young man at the age of seven years old and how he was impressed with his guitar skills even then. Now at 19 years old, Quinn is a must see artist of his own right! After a short introduction, they both jam’d for a bit, trading solos licks and then grooved into “Voodoo Chile” a classic Jimi Hendrix number that is pretty much a blues rock anthem today.

What can you say about a living Legend like Buddy Guy? He has earned his place in music history with respect from most if not ALL the guitar masters alive and gone, and millions of fans around the world. On tour now and highly recommended as time is not on our side, so to see, hear and experience such an artist is becoming a rarity these days!