JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

December 16, 2010
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Travis Tutwiler
Photos by Travis Tutwiler

In This Moment

As the temperature continued to drop outside Tree's knew just what it would take to heat things up - a dose of California metal from In This Moment. A blistering set from the quintet did just that focusing mainly on the heavier, more up-tempo songs from their catalog. Kicking the set off with 3 songs off the newest release A Star-Crossed Wasteland the tone was set and there was no turning back.

Maria Brink's vocals were outstanding, whether she was in your face with the powerful scream she exhibits on "Just Drive'" or the beauty and soulfulness found on "Standing Alone" and "Forever." She even brought out guest vocalist Adrian Patrick to perform the single "The Promise" and bring the song to life.

The guitar tandem of Chris Howorth and Blake Bunzel demonstrated plenty of fret board dominance and showed that they definitely have the chops. Bunzel was busy keeping the rhythm, banging his head and engaging the crowd while Howorth lets loose and shreds it up on "Blazin." Jeff Fabb brings the thunder on nice drum solo that ends when he's joined by Howorth, Bunzel and bassist Travis Johnson for roof-raising rendition of the "Domination" outro from Pantera.

As ITM come to a close Brink introduces what she feels is the bands heaviest song, but to the disagreement of Howorth - "The Gun Show." Sorry Chris but I think Maria's got you on that one and the mosh pit would have to agree. For the final song - "Daddy's Falling Angel" - Maria requests that a table be put in the middle of the floor and a circle pit circle around her. Dallas was more than happy to fulfill that wish. Now if Music As A Weapon can fulfill Dallas' and bring the tour here so we can witness ITM in the not too distant future.

In direct support and providing a huge spark was Las Vegas own Taking Dawn. Armed with an arsenal of killer hooks, plenty of guitar and attitude Taking Dawn is what music has been missing. Stage presence is something singer/guitarist Chris Babbitt and cohorts. "Time To Burn" is just a pure rock anthem while "Like A Revolution" is an up-tempo barn burner with plenty of shred. "Fight 'Em With Your Rock" was s straight-ahead jam. Of course the song that got everyone going was their cover Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain," which saw Babbitt jump off stage into the crowd, crank out the solo then tell everyone to meet him at the merch booth as headed straight to the back of the venue. Now that's pure rock 'n' roll.