JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

July 22, 2011
The Kessler Theater
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Angie Ross
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Hunter Hendrickson

It may have been cold inside the Kessler Theater this past Friday night but the Hunter Hendrickson Band heated things up onstage with a set that wove songs together using sprinklings of sultry jazz along with all out rocking guitar grooves. The D/FW- based Hendrickson and his band eased into their show opener and quickly took it up to the level that one hopes for when they see someone described as a You Have to See This Guy Now guitarist. Hunter showed the audience that he has more in his song writing repertoire than is evidenced in his 4 song EP, Behind the Notes.

Eric Scortia, a new addition on keyboards, complemented their sound with an undercurrent of churning organ grooves and some eyebrow raising snippets of electronica. The diverse tempos were nailed down by Jerry Saracini on drums and Dave Prez on bass - both of local band Naked Lunch. Special guest, Tiger Darrow joined the band on stage for a couple of songs with her electric cello to add some glimmer to the night with a voice that oozed like honey with Hunter's voice. Not only did Hunter wow the audience with his bluesy rock that filled the room with its large sound but he also was able to draw the room in with the quiet resonance provided by just his voice and guitar.

As a sidenote: the team who keeps the Kessler Theater looking gorgeous and sounding sharp are doing a fantastic job. Dallas should really appreciate a gem like this.